Brochures and Drawings

The available brochures are listed below by year.  I have included the only one known to exist of the original LakenSea Company of Boca Raton, Florida, and two from the Lake 'n Sea Boat Division of Parsons Corporation of Traverse City, Michigan.  They are scanned at a low resolution to prevent copying.  If you would like color printed copies of the brochures contact us for duplication and shipping charges.  All proceeds go toward the maintenance of this website.

I have also included the only known images of the Michigan Fiberglass Plant, once located in Holland, Michigan, below.
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Owners Boats
LakenSea Boat Corporation (1957)
Lake 'n Sea Boats (Parsons Corporation (1958)
Lake 'n Sea Boats (Parsons Corporation (1959)
Lake 'n Sea Boats U.S. Patent Office Drawings (Parsons Corporation (1960)
Identifying a Lake 'n Sea
Michigan Fiberglass Company Plant, Holland, Michigan, 1961
John T. Parsons